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Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox 2020.0

Released: 2020-07-07

This installation supports all AutoCAD and Novapoint platforms as listed below.

AutoCAD versions (and AutoCAD Civil 3D): 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Novapoint versions: 18.40, 20.10, 21.05, 21.10 and 2020

Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox 2020 requires an updated license file!

Please contact to update your license file with your existing license file as attachment.

If you use Google Chrome as browser, please read this

If you use GeoSuite Pilegroup and store your configuration files on a server, please read this

Main release

After you have downloaded the file, unzip it and run the setup.exe file to start the installation wizard.

Download Novapoint Geosuite Toolbox 2020


Release notes

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