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Known issues

We will here list errors that is considered to be unfortunate or critical for the user.

Check here for Compatibility Breaks.

Check the Archive for closed cases older than one year.


Date when discovered
Product Description Fixed in
2021/10/26 NP2022/NP2020 Alignment Design/Quadri Changing Start station on alignment to a large number can cause error message “Link sequence too long”.

Work around: Change the Start station before vertical geometry is added.
2021/10/21 NP2020 3D Intersection
Error when starting tool when .NET Framework 3.5 is not activated on the computer.

Start .NET Framework 3.5 through Windows-function: 'Turn Windows-functions on or off'.
Other .NET Frameworks that are already ON, should stay ON.
2021/09/26 NP2020 NP Railway Upgraded model from NP 20, a double track model with alignment for each track may be corrupt.
2021/05/27 - Quadri / Novapoint Choosing “Check for updates” does not work regarding to security. To download updates and new versions please visit our download pages: or Trimble Community:
2021/03/01 NP2020 NP Noise When editing buildings, the yellow circle at point doesn't show. Workaround: uninstall/reinstall to directory “2020” instead of “2020 (acxx)”.
2020/11/19 NP2020 NP Road and Railway Use of Boundaries and Object Bridge or Tunnel when only one side of the road uses this type of Object can give wrong cut and fill solids. The model must have the same Object and chainage for the boundaries on both sides of the road.
2020/09/21 2020 NP Road Quantities can in some models be wrong if many soil layers have holes or cross eachother.
2020/05/27 QfW2020 Quadri for Win There are two sets of EPGS codes representing UTM Zone 32N,33N,35N. When importing norwegian SOSI file you will get the EPGS = 25832, 25833 or 25835.
Temporary solution: If your model is defined with EPGS code 3044, 3045 or 3047 - that also represent 32N, 33N, 35N - look at the text behind the codes, and if that defines that same UTM zone, you should click “CRS is same as model”, as these are identical.
2020/05/11 21? NP Road Sight analysis can fail for some road models. Related to the roadmodel building 1mm before the start chainage.
Temporary solution: Build roadmodel, but start sightanalysis with start chainage a bit after the actual startchainage for the model.
2020/03/01 21.FP4? NP Road Roadmodel results may look choppy. Happens when combining roadmodel boundary to centerline when cross-sections are overlapping (because of sharp turn on alignment) and the following cleanup that we do to the results.
Temporary solution: Change the boundary to alignment to also have a distance of 1cm or similar.
2020/01/17 21.FP4 NP Road Rock <1m not included in summary report.
2019/12/19 21.FP4 NP Road Wrong area on pavement layers can occur in quantity report when using the rehab-pavement function.
2019/11/20 21 NP Tunnel When using Novapoint Tunnel in AutoCAD for 3D-drawing e.g., you sometimes get a stopping error message telling you that the tunnel task is incompatible. You must then restart AutoCAD to be able to proceed with your tunnel task.
2019/06/28 21 NP Road Vegetation and topsoil removal using vertical-vertical does not work. No material is removed and no fill is put back in.
2019/05/28 21.FP4 NP Road Errors in 3D results when road model goes in circle and crosses itself.
From FP4a: Solution is improved when the road is completely crossing itself, but still not when it has a minor overlap in the results.
2018/08/15 21 NP Tunnel Content on LandXML export has issues in some situations.
2018/05/09 21 NP Road Deep blasting endsurface method 3 always goes to the last ditch surface.
Temporary solution: Use endsurface method 2 instead.
2017/10/09 ALL NP Road Sight distance calculaton gives error about Cross-section calculation insufficient for roads build shorter than 100m.
Temporary solution: Extend the road in start or end and use boundaries on left- and righthand side to the centerline.
2017/01/05 ALL NP Road Error in deepblasting when it hits the rock surface in two or more places in the cross-section. Deepblasting surface is then create above the rock surface. Quantities for deepblasting is also wrong.
2016/09/11 20 NP Road Error in sight analysis results.
NOTE: Sight analysis report is correct, and we see sightlines in the model, but when a not-approved sightline is found, the sightline does not have the correct direction/length.
ALL NP Road Top soil or vegetation removal above soft soil removal can give varying results. Check the quantity calculations and mass hatches in cross-section drawings to indentify errors.


Date when discovered
Product Description Fixed in
2021/08/26 NP2020 NP Railway In Alignment Design, if an alignment is open in Alignment Design and user opens an alignment from file, the cant values can be mixed with the previously open alignment NP2020.FP1h
2021/07/01 QfW2020.FP1f Quadri for Win With new TrimbleID4, SketchUp Web is currently not working, as SketchUp Web currently only support TrimbleID3 and backwards. Quadri2022
2021/02/22 Quadri2020.FP1b Quadri for Win When uploading presentations to Quadri for Browser, some textures are upside-down. Quadri2020.FP1c
2021/01/15 All versions NP Road and Railway Dragging alignment fixpoints in Alignment Design when CAD is not in 2D Wireframe visual style.
Goes into infinite loop.

Temporary solution: Close Alignment Design (don't have to close CAD), then change to 2D Wireframe visual style and continue your work.
2020/10/12 NP2020 NP Road and Railway Road model/Railway model. Soft spot removal does not work in Simple mode. Advanced mode has to be used to get the removal of soft spot layer. NP2020.FP1b
2020/01/21 NP2020 NP Road and Railway Alignment geometry data on Line tasks as 'Non-Alignment Line' would disappear when using Import or Insert QG4 on Quadrimodels. NP2020.FP1b
2020/10/23 NP2020 NP Road and Railway Detailed Quantity report gets wrong quantities if road/railway model has boundary on left side in centerline. Summary report and the X-sect based detailed report gives correct quantities. Workaround is to add Distance 0.01 from Centerline for boundary. NP2020.FP1a
2020/10/13 Quadri2020 Quadri for Win When importing DWG, and in settings > Solid/Surface, the value of “Max face edge lenght” can not be 0 (zero), or the program will hang. Any other value is ok. NP2020.FP1a
2020/09/24 NP20/21/2020 Alignment Design Alignment Design in Road and Rail does not work on Windows 10 version 2004 and AutoCAD later than 2015. This is related to Windows version 2004 only. NP2020.FP1a
2020/10/01 NP2020 NP WS Splitting a trench, where user defined attributes are added, may cause that the user defined attributes will be deleted during rebuild of the trench task. NP2020.FP1
2019/09/24 21 NP Tunnel Tunnel The Tunnel Design dialog: Scanner data is shown with an offset compared to the design profile. NP2020
2019/06 21 NP Tunnel 3D drawing functionality hangs for some models. NP2020
2019/01/19 21 NP Tunnel Showing triangulated pointcloud fail for some projects. NP2020
2018/05/09 21 NP Tunnel Opening geology and rock support registration is slower than in NP20. NP2020
2018/05/09 21 NP Road Draw roadmodel missing possibility to draw contourlines.
Temporary solution: Draw out through a planpresentation in Base to CAD. Select roadtask and set the global filter on objects to Medium=On Terrain.

Check the Archive for closed cases older than one year.

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