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Terrain Boundaries

This dialog defines how wide the search width is to gather data from the Quadri model. The data collected will be based on what is set as Calculation Basis and Illustration Objects on the task.

  • The data will be displayed in the Cross-section viewer
  • The data gathered is the input for the road model cross-section calculations

The dialog can have diffent appearances depending on the advanced left/right separation being used or not.

Normal Search Width setup

Define to what chainage you want to use a specific search width.

Last Search Width
100 150
356 50
99999 300
The Search Width is behaving differently for search widths bigger and smaller than 90m.
For Search Width < 90m the width will be used on either side of the road design to retreive data.
For Search Width > 90m the width will be split in two, half the width on either side of the road design.

Different Left/Right Search Width setup

To split the search width for left/righthand side this is set in the advanced settings for the Terrain Boundaries dialog.

Comparing to the normal dialog setup, applying the use of left/right splitting will fill the cells left/right with the values that was found in the search width we defined in Normal setup.

Minimum Width Search Width
Last Left Right Left Right
100 150 150 150 150
356 50 50 50 50
99999 300 300 300 300
Minimum Width
Search Width
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