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After you sign in to Model Manager, you will see a list of models on the server. In the list you can see:

  • If the model is available (green circle) or unavailable (grey circle). If the model is unavailable it is not accessible to the users.
  • If the model is active at the moment or not (Idle or Processing).
  • If there is any maintenance being performed on the model at the moment. Relevant maintenance is:
    • Creating - The model is being created.
    • Upgrading - The model is being upgraded.
    • Deleting - The model is being deleted.
    • Restoring - The model is being restored from backup.
    • Exporting - The model is being exported to a file (when moving a model).
    • Importing - The model is being imported from a file (when moving a model).
    • Check and Repair - Check and Repair has been started on the model.
    • Parking - Parking has been started on the model.
    • Upgrading Feature Catalogue - Upgrading Feature Catalogue has been started on the model.

Click on a model to get more detailed information about it.

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