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Server Dashboard

MOUS_ICO Server > Server Dashboard

License Information

The unique ID of the Model Server is displayed at the top of the dashboard.

To be able to add users to a Model Server, the server needs to have a license key or be set up with named user slots (only with Trimble ID).

To upgrade the number of allowed users, you need to type or paste in a new license key in the text box and click Update License Key.

To get an initial or upgraded license key, send an e-mail to The Service Center will keep in touch with you within 24 hours in our service centers opening hours (between 09:00-15:00 CET/CEST).

Disk Information

A list of the fixed disks used by Quadri on the server is displayed and the total and free disk space in GB.

Services and Application Pools

A list of services and application pools connected to the Quadri server and their current status is displayed. You can stop and start the services and recycling the application pools by clicking on the corresponding buttons. Be aware that stop or recycle might effect other users signed in to Quadri at the moment.

Temporary Files

The directories for the temporary files are displayed along with the number of temporary files in the directories and the total size of the temporary files in MB. If you click the Delete Temporary Files button, all files in the directories will be deleted and the space restored.


The status of the latest backup is displayed in green if the backup is OK and in red if the latest backup is not from today or the backup files are missing.

The list shows details like start and end time and GB output for each backup.

Log Files

The total size of the log files is displayed. If you click the button Delete Log files, you will delete all the log files older than the number of days in the text box. Number of days can not be less that 14. Deleting old log files can free a considerable amount of disk space.

You can also download a number of logs connected to the server. The logs might be useful for support to investigate a crash or other errors in Quadri. If you want to download logs connected to a specific model, go to Model Information.


If a maintenance operation, including update of the feature catalogue has failed, you can reset the maintenance status for all effected models by clicking the Reset Maintenance Status button.


A list of database resources including processes and sessions are shown. The current number in use and the maximum limit will give you an indication if the Quadri server is too busy. If the number in use is close to the limit, you might need help from support to increase the limit or to investigate what is occupying the resources.

Server Processes

A list of processes associated with Quadri is listed. Click the Refresh button to refresh the list.

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