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Novapoint and Quadri log files

Novapoint and Quadri log operations in several log files. The one that consider the program itself, are on %TEMP%\Trimble\21.00 (the last numbers are the version name), while some regarding operations against the Quadri server, are on %TEMP%\Qg4.

To see these log files:

  • Hold down the Windows-button while you press shortly on E. This should open Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer, but the file explorer).
  • In the address field at top, paste in either %TEMP%\Trimble\21.00 or %TEMP%\Qg4 depending on which one you want, and press <ENTER>. If it doesn't work, try pasting only %TEMP%, pressing <ENTER> and see if you find “Trimble” or “Qg4” directories there.
  • You should now see all the log files. If you are asked to send them in to support, please send ALL the files as a zip file.
Last modified: 2020/05/28 09:06 by vn_no_khu