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Version 1.0

QuadriDCM Easy Access

QuadriDCM Easy Access, is a web application, that Works With QuadriDCM v1.2 and NovapointDCM 19.25, or later versions.

Startup Novapoint 19.25:

In 19.25 FP4 there where some trouble on some computers, when trying to view topics. This is a .NET4.5 problem, and will be solved in near future. To see topics inside Novaoint Base you therefor have to change the shortcut on Your Novapoint 19.25 icon on the desktop.

Change the Target field in the Properties dialog, add after NovapointBase.exe: “xxx\NovapointBase.exe” -e:./Extensions/NovapointBase.Extensions.Topics.xml

Startup web:

When a QuadriDCM Easy Access Administrator, has given you Access to one or more Projects you could enter to get started.

Click Easy Access at the upper left part of the web page

Vianova ID: Logg in With your Vianova ID and press «Sign in»

  • If you don't have a Vianova ID, press the link «Learn more about VianovaID»
  • Forgot Your password?: press the link «Forgott your password»
  • For a quick getting started guide: press the link «Learn more about Easy Access»

Projects Overview: Here you will see a list of all the QuadriDCM models, that you have been granted Easy Access to.

There are 4 buttons by each Project name:

Dashboard: Press this to open a New vindow With more details about the Project. The Dashboard that opens consist of 5 vindows: Project info, Timeline, Presentations, Tasks and Users. Dashboard is described in more details below.

Presentations: This will open a New vindow split in two. The left side show all 3D model views made available using Novapoint DCM Base Application. Presentations is described in more detail below.

Toipcs: This will open a New vindow split in two. On the left side you will see a list of all the different chat-dialogs between the parties of a Project. Topics is described in more detail below.

Locate: Press this, and it will zoome you to the Project location, marked With a blue frame, in the common Project map at the right.


  • Project info: This information could just be added in the admin user Interface for QuadriDCM Easy Access
  • Timeline: This vindow reads the change logg from the QuadriDCM model it is connected to.It will, at any time, show Who checked in What model changes at What time and date. The description on each of the lines in the timeline, is the description the user wrote when sharing the model changes. There are two buttons upp to the right in Timeline. One for exporting the timeline to PDF file en one to .CSV file.
  • Presentations: To publish 3D model views to this vindow, a user of Novapoint 19DCM and QuadriDCM, must define a 3D presentation task in Novapoint Base and then press the Easy Access button in the deliver menu. The dialog that pops up, let the user choose from a list of 3D presentation tasks to distribute. The 3D model view then becomes available in the Easy Access Presentation view, marked with date and time. To open a presentation from the list, just click on a view. It is possible to navigate in the 3D view.
  • Tasks: This vindow will show the QuadriDCM task tree, live, at any time. Here you can see all tasks by clicking in the task tree. If you holde the mouse over a task, you will see date and time for when it was last executed.
  • Users: This vindow show the name of all users that are granted Easy Access to theis QuadriDCM model. Who have Access could be changed in the Easy Access admin user interface.


In Topics view, there will be a list of topics to the left.

Look at or join a topic conversation: Click on the topic to view the Whole conversation, between the different parties for this topic. All comments are marked With person, date and time. Write a New comment and press enter. Topics view is available on web, phone, pad's and inside the Novapoint Base vindow.

Add a Picture in a topic: Press the photo button to the left of where you are writing. In the web Version of topics a Picture must have been stored in advance. Inside Novapoint Base Topics, the Picture button will take a screen shot of the active vindow, at the zoom Level you are. It will also store the position, so you could navigate to this point later.

Delete one of Your comments: Click and mark Your comment. A small x will appear up to the right corner. Click that x to delete the comment.

Change status: To the left of the writing comment field, there is a button where you could easily change status.

Change priority: To the left of the writing comment field, there is a button where you could easily change priority.

Start a New topic conversation. Title: This will be the heading of the topic. Fill in values for Type, Priority, Label, status and assign to a user.

Topics settings: Here you could change what information a topic could be taged With.REMEMBER that this is global setting, for this Project, and will be active for all New topics established after the change is done:

  • Types: Write in name for the different topic types you want. One name at the time and press enter.
  • Labels: Write in Labels that you could mark the different topic with. One Label at the time and press enter.
  • Priorities: Write the priorities you would like to choose from, to mark Your topics. One priority at the time and press enter.
  • Statuses: Write different status you would like to choose from, to mark Your topics. One status at the time and press enter.
  • Users: This is read-only information

Order by: Up to the left of the topics vindow, there is a sorting function for the topics logg.

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