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  • Added Civil3DConnector Task icons for use on Timeline (online and PDF report)
  • Fixed WMS Task icon
  • Presentations list on Presentations and Dashboard pages refreshes automatically when a Presentations gets added, updated or deleted
  • Dashboard shows realtime updates (on Topics, Presentation and Timeline events)
    • Zooms to project location
    • Pops up an information marker on the project with detailed information about the update
  • Fixes on notifications
    • 'Deleted by' gets the correct name
    • Empty comments (on status/priority updates) are not sent
  • Fix for smilies on Topic comments
  • Added missing Chainage symbols on 3D Presentations
  • Dashboard gets a Toggle button for 'My Topics' and 'Project List'. This enables to have only the map visible. A powerful combination with the live updates to follow-up on all the projects!
  • Fix for line rendering without lighting and textures
  • Added a 'Model Unavailable' message on Timeline and Tasks panels
  • Fix for editing labels on Topics
  • Showing a 'No QuadriDCM server found' message when there is no registered QuadriDCM server for a project
  • Clicking on project title on Projects Overview goes directly to Dashboard
  • Project with no topic settings opens Topics settings automatically when on Topics page
  • automatic redirect to /EasyAccess from frontpage
  • added FC link in navbar
  • added Contact us under signin screen
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