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v26.06.2015 (Together with NovapointDCM 19.30)

Two big new features for this release are an Import/Export Framework and an improved 3D Presentation Viewer.

Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience when viewing 3D Presentations. Internet Explorer has a less performant 3D rendering engine.
  • Import/Export Framework
  • 3D Presentation Improvements
    • Fixed DabatasePager priorities to request first closer nodes
    • Fixed intersection problems.
    • Wide range of improvements in the library by updating the osgjs version.
    • Replaced the promises library, now EA uses bluebird.js instead of Q.js. This improves the parsing of osgjs files speed 10x at least.
    • Fixed errors in navigation.
    • Fixed errors in picking (not picking visible objects)
    • Fixed picking in mobile devices.
    • Added Start/Stop requests on mouse moving for smoother navigation doing less database requests
    • Fixed a range of errors while displaying scene colors and lighting.
    • Changes in Novapoint Exporter:
    • Added spatialization techniques to the exported scene to have lighter scenes and improve the user experience
    • Fixed bug in scene generation when using huge tins.
    • Reduced memory consumption and decreased export time.
    • Fixed a range of errors/leaks in the Exporter.
  • New Feature Catalog (Quadri_1916_1.11)
  • A load of small improvements and bug fixes
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