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Install GeoSuite Toolbox

Trimble Novapoint GeoSuite toolbox is installed using a Windows installer. During installation requested a few things that can be useful to prepare:

  • The path to the GeoArkiv database (Geoarkiv.bin). This database contains comprehensive information about projects and where these are stored. If this concerns a local installation, it is recommended that you create a folder in the appropriate location (locally for your own use or on the network device for a shared company database). Example: P:\GeoSuite\GeoArkiv
  • License: For local PC license, this may be left blank to point out the license file at the first start of the GeoSuite Toolbox. When connecting to a floating license on a network, the license server name is specified (check with your IT support).
  • AutoCAD version: This is suggested by the program, but can easily be changed after installation by running Novapoint GeoSuite Config Switcher (available in the Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox Program Group).

To do when installing:

  1. UnZip the compressed folder at a appropriate location
  2. Run the Setup.exe installer (Important that you run Setup.exe and NOT the msi package)

Install package

Installation folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\Novapoint\GeoSuite\16

where 16 refer to the current basic version of the Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox

Folder for settings

Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox settings are stored under current user. This is usually in a folder structure that is hidden by the user by default. Normally there is no need to be able to view these folders and files with Explorer without the settings being taken from program features.



  • XXXXX is the User name
  • R20 stands for the main version of the CAD-plattform (in AutoCAD/Civil3D type the command - Command:ACADVER this gives You the main version number of the current CAD-plattform)

You can configure the settings to apply to a specific project or to be common to a company. This is described in the help files of the program.

Novapoint GeoSuite Presentation Field

This is a reduced version of GeoSuite Presentation. The main difference is that this version does not have access to drawing production in AutoCAD / Civil3D or Novapoint. However, you can plot one or more boreholes at a time in Windows graphics.

When installing, choose to

  • install the Field version (instead of choosing AutoCAD platform)
  • to provide license-blank information (the license file is instead pointed out at first start of GeoSuite Toolbox)

The only significant difference in GeoSuite Presentation is that it lacks menu Drawing .

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