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Version 2020.0

Release date: 2020-07-07

Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox 2020 requires an updated license file!

Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox 2020 is the version recommended for Quadri 2020.

Besides of Novapoint and Quadri 2020, GeoSuite 2020 is also compatible with Novapoint 21

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Installation

* Added registry values for SMB2 cache error disable. Solves server project problems accessing multiple files

* Support for AutoCAD/Civil 3D 2021. However, no support for AutoCAD 2017 and earlier versions

* Support for license handling with Trimble-ID

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox/Archive

* Old ODBC-export (Access/SQL-server,…) exports coordinate system as EPGS-codes

* Licenshandling dialogues will now be topmost

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Presentation

* Cross-sections in AutoCAD, Message to user if some cross-sections has not been generated in Novapoint

* Bugfix for Plan update and AutoCAD 2020.

Norwegian version

* Reading from old Geoplot-databases does not longer requires Novapoint 18.40 to be installed.

Swedish version

* Problem to differentiate between dry Crest and Clay for a PDF-drawing in black & white. Winrit now draw dry crest with thicker lines

* Added Swedish Coordinate System: RT R06

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Stability

* Allow longer names of layers in Stability. Now increased to 25 characters

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Pilegroup

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Soil Data Interpretation

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