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Novapoint 2020.FP1a

Quadri for Windows (formerly Novapoint Base)

Quadri for Windows is replacing the legacy product Novapoint Base as it is known in Novapoint 19 - Novapoint 21.

For release notes related to Quadri for Windows go here.

Novapoint Road

FIXED: Alignment Design did not function properly on Windows 10 version 2004 and later.

FIXED: Draw terrain cross sections from road model did not work

FIXED: Draw cross sections from road model could not draw cross sections if road had boundary in reference line.
Error message was “No surface found in result section. Please check the model.”

FIXED: Draw longitudinal section with offset terrain profile could show wrong offset terrain if length of sheet was changed.

FIXED: Detailed Quantity report got wrong quantities if road/railway model had boundary on left side in centerline.

Novapoint Water and Sewer

FIXED: The quantity report could in some situations present wrong (too small, or “0”) quantities on a trench due to a tolerance issue related to the end chainage of the last trench section.

FIXED: The function 'Update trench bottom from lowest pipe' did not set the node elevation to the bottom of the trench.

FIXED: Copied WS model reused Quadri features of original WS model when importing them into another WS model in the same Quadri model.

Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: 3D-Drawing: Some niches were not drawn correctly. This is now fixed

FIXED: Geology plan drawing: The checkboxes for selecting the drawing content didn't work. This is now fixed.

FIXED: Plan drawing: For some projects, the tunnel-lines were drawn to origo. This is now fixed.

Novapoint Road Sign

Norwegian version

FIXED: 3DSIGN - The property value for the width and height of the sign was reversed (#HAN-3437)

FIXED: 3DSIGN - Property values for “SignType” supplemented with several new values (#HAN-3438)

FIXED: 727.3 - All texts were missing from the default sign (#HAN-3435)

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