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Quadri 2020

Release date: 19.05.2020

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Release Notes for Quadri 2020.

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Quadri for Windows

Items are referred to as NEW or ENHANCEMENT as Quadri for Windows is formerly known as the legacy product Novapoint Base.

International Version


NEW: Replacing the startpage and application menu, and collecting these in the new Backstage of the program. In Backstage you open, join, create new, save, close, and access your account and options.

NEW: Account page in the Backstage, where you log in and administer your Trimble ID.

ENHANCEMENT: New user interface, giving a general expression of a more modern “look and feel”.

ENHANCEMENT: Better organized ribbon menus with several new tabs.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved Performance regard to the number of 3D windows you have open when you Reserve, Release and Receive.

NEW: Compatible - forward and backward. A Quadri model that has previously been worked on in Novapoint 21, can be opened in Quadri. You can then use the new functionality, do changes in the model, save, and later still be able to open it in Novapoint 21.

NEW: Scheduled operations in the model. Possibility to set up scheduled import, share and receive operations, using Windows Scheduler.

Quadri Connectors

ENHANCEMENT: With Quadri being an open collaboration platform, you can now work with some of the most common design softwares, and share your work to the Quadri model through the Quadri Connectors. The following are available:

  • Quadri Connector for SketchUp
  • Quadri Connector for Tekla Structures
  • Quadri Connector for Trimble Business Center
  • Quadri Connector for Trimble Connect
  • Quadri Connector for Rhino with Grasshopper
  • Quadri Connector for Civil 3D
  • Quadri Connector for Revit
  • Quadri Connector for OpenRoads Design
  • Quadri Connector for ProjectWise

ENHANCEMENT: SketchUp: Setting file version in the task settings.


NEW: Import/Re-import setting when importing, merging features. Setting re-import handling method and possibility to keep existing attributes when re-importing.

ENHANCEMENT:Persistent GUIDs. GUIDs are not changed, but reused by the import task and the same ID is kept. User defined conversion rules need to be modified if they want to re-use features. To be able to re-use features they have to be recognized by their unique identifier, which have been added to the ExternalId property in the metadata. In the conversion rule, these properties have to be converted. E.g. for dwg these entries are added to the standard conversion rules. The LocalIdentifier attribute applied by the import:

External identifier in the metadata of the feature:

It works for standard conversion rules. This applies for the following formats: .DMI, .DGN, .DWG, .DANDAS, .IFC, LandXML, Vips, SOSI,

ENHANCEMENT: Improved import functionality for many of the common file formats.

NEW: Selecting conversion rule when inserting Quadri G4.

Conversion Rule Editor

FIXED: Fixed issue for Extracting attribute value, now showing correct test value.

FIXED: Error when creating an AttributeCondition with a date.


NEW: Locate selected features to the network and it’s Linear Reference System.


NEW: Show TreeLines - to see the hierarchy better.

NEW: Show ResultFeatures for Tasks - to see what result features the task have produced.


NEW: Export to TrimBIM format for Trimble Connect. Also option to preview in Trimble Connect Visualizer, if installed.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved speed on Trimble Connect interactions.



ENHANCEMENT: Possibility to dock presentation windows to an external screen.

ENHANCEMENT: Updated multiple drawing rules.

FIXED: Preview on road task don’t start a new view if another view is showing.

FIXED: Bug with saving a Drawing Rule to Project Rules.


ENHANCEMENT: Volume Calculation tool is renamed to Volumes.

ENHANCEMENT: Now able to manage multiple soil and rock layers.

ENHANCEMENT: Now possible to create volume reports based on multiple soil layers.

Dynamic Query

FIXED: Deleting global filters in Dynamic Query.

Norwegian version


FIXED: The GUDB-server has been upgraded, so now GUDB-data can be imported into both Novapoint 21 and Quadri 2020

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